I just came home from my work trip in New Orleans to find my signed copy in my office. Words cannot explain the work of art that I now possess…Simply astonishing!!!

At almost two inches thick, it’s an imposing testament to your dedication, discipline, diet, and sheer focus of any art form I’ve seen in recent years. I look forward to a glass of bourbon and the light of my firepit to slowly appreciate your contribution to this world through your art form. Thank you Queen!!

The book is wonderful. The paper, the printing, binding, and especially the 400+ pages of Art, are all top notch. Thank you for sharing such great art.

Timeless inspires me with a sense of enduring beauty…intense physical expression, artistic, bringing to light the intimacy and power of dance, highly sensitive portraits, body landscapes bordering the abstract merged with the art of photography…tremendous…!!!

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your book Timeless! Always loved your photos on Instagram, but this book is something different. I love books and I love your art so…so perfect combo for me. And I really like your stories ahead of photos. Thank you, Laetitia. <3

I just received my copy of your book Timeless. It is absolutely stunning and worth every cent. Thank you for creating such breathtaking art. I wish you all the best and continued success both in your professional work and overall in life. Happy New year!

As I expected when I purchased your book it was a spectacular artistic work of art.

Received my “Timeless” photo book today. I love the outdoor photo section best but all great images. You have an incredible body with amazing flexibility. Love your work <3

I just wanted to say I got your book in the mail and I absolutely love it. <3

Your poses are so complex and natural. The lighting with dynamic shadows adds so much depth and story. You and the photographers really new what to do. The black and white photography was a good choice. It adds so much drama. Again, thank you.

Everybody needs to buy this book, it is exquisite to view and the feel of the pages plus the weight of it in your hands is something special.

Bruce Cooper